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The “Marches of Chendroaia”

The marsh of Chendroaia also called “the marsh beneath The Gutâi mountain” is a per glacial lake. It is situated on the Rooster’s Crest, at 1053m altitude, on the north wall of the Gutâi Mountains. Here, there are two ponds of 5 by 10 meters and 5 by 15 meters and they are the remains of a bigger lake which became a gibbous march of 2, 7 hectares wide.
This marsh is constantly fed by rain waters. Its dome like gibbous surface, 4m high, is made up of artic moss, where there are blueberry bushes, cranberry trees and marsh worth.
In the area of the lake, there is a marsh where the peat is 8m thick. The peat bed has a surface of 24.592 square meters and has rare flora elements, some of them are really relicts.
The dew (Droserarotundifolia and Drosera intermedia) and the carnivore diet of these plants represent the perfect adaptation to the nutrient poor habitat.
This unique ecosystem contains 95% water, its integrity being maintained by the plants and their roots which interlock on the surface of the marsh.
Unlike other ecosystems, the dead plants from the marsh do not decompose. The lack of oxygen from the water surface prevents the emersion of bacteria or fungus, which are responsible for the decomposing process. On these conditions, the dead plants become peat, concentrating on the bottom of the marsh in the form of peat-bed. The peat formed is of great scientific importance preserving the plants and the dead animals. It is like a laboratory where different species can be studied.





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